Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Character formation and the movies that ruin them.

While waiting for my Slaughter books to become available via e-library, I had to find something else to read. A friend of mine has began reading the Alex Cross series. I must admit I was quiet interested in them myself, until I realized what the first two were... Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. Both movies I have seen already, both starring Morgan Freeman. Don't get me wrong Morgan Freeman is cool and everything, but I like to form my own picture of the characters. And the actors never match my picture, usually for the worse (see below). But since I refuse to read the first two, I decided to try and start fresh with Jack and Jill and form my own Alex Cross (I'm thinking either a Denzel or Ryan Reynolds base to work with, but they are never that detailed). Sorry Morgan.

One of my biggest character complaints... Twilight. The only Cullen that resembled mine was Alice. Jasper was no where close. And I love Robert Pattinson, but my Edward was much cuter. However, the casting director got me with Jacob. The Jacob I envisioned was no where near as pretty as Taylor Lautner. Probably because I was trained to hate Jacob in the books because he battled my beautiful Edward. But the movie Jacob almost made me change teams, almost.

Sorry for the rant, but like I said before, I'm that crazy person that sits in the theater and compares the movie with the book. My non-reading friends hate me.

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