Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter

I finally finished this one! It was a good read. Slaughter once again hits on a sticky topic when race is thought to be the motivation in a string of killings on a college campus.

When an apparent suicide leads Sarah to a crime scene she brings her very pregnant sister Tessa with her. As she studies the body of Andy Rosen, thinking something is not quiet right about the suicide, Tessa wanders into the woods to pee and is stabbed. Shortly after the girl who found Andy's body is murdered in another posed suicide. All the while Lena, who now works for the campus security, has a run in with Ethan White (Green), a white supremacists control freak, who takes a liking to her and won't leave her alone. He also becomes the prime suspect and Jeffrey wonders if and how Lena is involved.

The action is minimal in this novel, as is the character development. Readers do get the story of how Lena met Ethan, who will continue to haunt her for several more stories. The character attraction between the two eludes me. Despite Lena's past trauma, I cannot understand how she could be with such a person who rapes and beats her. I think this disconnection made this one of my least favorite of Slaughter's books so far. Although it did keep me guessing with a few surprises, even up to the last page.

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