Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Broken by Karin Slaughter review

In Karin Slaughter's latest novel, she brings back together Dr. Sarah Linton and Agent Will Trent. As in the last book, there is an attraction that neither will give in to. Sarah returns home to Grant County for a small vacation and is immediately called to work. Before moving to Atlanta she was the medical examiner and pediatrician for the small town. She is called to the jail to see a former patient, Tommy, whom she can barely remember, only to find him dead in his cell. Tommy had been arrested for the murder of Allison Spooner who was found in the lake and made to look like a suicide. Immediately Sarah knows something is off. She decides this must be Lena's fault and is determined to destroy her career as Sarah blames Lena for the death of her husband Jeffrey. She calls in a complaint to the GBI and they send out Agent Trent to investigate. Due to renovations at the only hotel in town, Trent is forced to stay in Sarah's parent's garage apartment while on the case. Attraction and tension both rise as Sarah and Will dive into the investigation and begin unraveling the cover-ups of both Lena and Frank Wallace, the current crooked police chief.

Well I finally finished this book, Christmas time is busy around here. Let me just say, I am soooo aggravated that Sarah and Will are not together yet. I need a new book out ASAP. And let me say WOW about Lena and Jared. Maybe it's because I didn't read them in order, but I had not put together who Jared was. Needless to say, I enjoyed this one a lot. The overall story line was a little dull, but the character growth and interaction was worth it.

 On to the next one...

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