Friday, December 10, 2010

Karin Slaughter overview

So one evening, I was hankering for a new book to read. I had to pick up some groceries at Kroger and decided to browse and see what I could find. I came across a Karin Slaughter book called Undone. I had never heard of her, but after reading the back cover I thought it looked pretty good. And I was right. It was about a sadistic murderer who tortures his victims in an underground chamber, until one escapes which starts an investigation. I really enjoyed the characters and half way through the book Googled to see what other books Karin Slaughter had written. I was quiet saddened when I realized that this was a very new book and that there were many others that followed the same characters (previous to how they met in this book). I like to do things in chronological order, but oh well. It was good so I decided to start back at the beginning, or at least as far back as my library allowed.

This sent me back to Faithless, which also held my attention. There were four more before this, one of which is in my queue.  It was not near as gruesome as the first one, but had an intriguing plot with the religious fanatic family. It contains Sarah Linton whom I immediately like from Undone.

Next on my list was Tryptich, which kept me on my seat. This one is a little more gruesome that the last, with more killings. I was dying to get to the end to find out for sure who the murderer was. You pretty much know, but you don't know the connection till toward the end. Will Trent is like a wounded, good-hearted puppy that you can't help but love and want the best for, which in my opinion is NOT Angie Polaski.

Then we have Beyond Reach, which I just finished last week. This one also includes Sarah Linton, but it wasn't my favorite. It contains a lot of drug use and white-power bigotry that is definitely bold, if not a little too overpowering in the story. Lena Adams also wasn't my favorite of characters. However there is a big surprise ending, that somewhat saved the book.

Fractured should be next on the list, but it wasn't in at the library, so I 'm skipping ahead to Broken, the newest one which continues with the characters I became fascinated with in Undone. Perhaps I would have felt differently about some of the characters had I read them in order.

And since I only get to read at night, after baby is asleep, my blog posts will be short as I continue through Broken with bits of review at a time.

And in case you didn't follow that, here is the full list in chronological order:

A Faint Cold Fear
Indelible - reading
Beyond Reach

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  1. Hi Amanda.

    I can warmly recommend Robert B. Parker's works.
    He is brilliant, funny, elegant and deep.
    And, unfortunate, dead.

    Niels from denmark.
    Came across your blog because I was looking for Karin Slaughter.