Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Indelible by Karin Slaughter review

Indelible immediately jumps into the action as the police station is under siege. Sarah had gone to visit a slightly unwelcoming Jeffrey as Brad led a group of kids on a tour of the station. Two gunmen walk in and begin shooting. Sarah screams to Jeffrey as she sees what is about to happen and begins a case of mistaken identity as officer Matt Hogan walks through the door and is gunned down and Jeffrey is wounded. They realize the gunmen had a vengeful purpose, to kill Jeffrey, whom one of the boys believes is his father.

The book then flashes back to 1991 when Sarah and Jeffrey first began dating. This really builds up the story and strength of their relationship (once again, too bad I didn't read these in order). They make an unexpected detour to Jeffrey's hometown on their way to Florida for a vacation. While there she is disgraced by his mother and tormented by his childhood friends. One of which becomes involved in a suspicious murder. Sarah gets a glimpse of Jeffrey's life growing up and is unsure of how this may change her opinion of him, particularly when he is accused of rape. Meanwhile Jeffrey tries to determine what Robert, his high school friend, is trying to hide as well as trying to live down his past reputation.

After Jeffrey appears to have tampered with the crime scene, Sarah's trust of Jeffrey begins to waiver. Sarah learns that, unknown to him, Jeffrey has a son with his high school sweetheart. When Sarah and Jeffrey discover the remains of a young girl, Julia, in a secret cave the blame immediately goes to Jeffrey and Robert. Robert is willing to take the fall for everything because he has his own secret to hide. On top of this, Julia had a son before she disappeared that is believed to be the motive behind her murder. Luckily, Sarah makes a discovery that clears both Jeffrey and Robert of being the boys father. Later Roberts secret is revealed as well as who Julia's murderer is.

Slaughter definitely packs on the suspense with two story lines that tie together nicely in the end. As I stated before, I really enjoyed the development of the main characters by looking into their past.

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