Thursday, January 20, 2011

Next on the list

I have recently discovered audiobooks. I don't know if this is considered cheating, but it is so easy to listen to them while I'm working. I would still prefer to read, but this is the next best thing (except for the terrible southern accents of the narrator, gah!). Especially since it takes weeks for me to re-check a book after it expires online. Regardless, I am listening to Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter and then after Kisscut, I will be finished with her books. At least until the next one (Fallen) comes out, which I am already excited about! 

However, I have been trying to decide what to start reading next and the conclusion is: Janet Evanovich. Of course I will start with One for the Money. Why? Because they are making it into a movie of course! And you know I can't watch it until I have read the book! It just so happens that I came across this information, unfortunately I already know who plays the main character. Luckily, it's Katherine Heigl. I like her, so I 'm hoping it doesn't affect my opinion of the books. Also there are like 20+ of the books. I'm afraid that if I start, I may never get finished to continue to another author!

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  1. Audiobooks are great and they are not cheating! I've heard the Stephanie Plum books are great on audio.